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How to Market your Book?

Writing a book or marketing a book: which is a herculean task? You as a writer know how to write but the question is; how to market your book? Writing a book is one of the toughest jobs. It requires your sweat and blood; not to mention many sleepless nights and disturbed sleep. But if […]


How to Plan your Screenwriting Schedule?

The most important thing for a writer is to plan his screenwriting schedule. It is advised to plan your time so that you move towards your goals at least an inch every week. These small efforts of every day, enables you to have a greater achievement at the end of a year or 6 months […]


Screenwriting (Specific Scenes) – Part 6

Writers’ over-ambition can actually kill the buzz in specific scenes, especially when it comes to sex and action scenes. Generally, it has been observed these scenes are written when the writer has nothing to write or he cannot think for his characters to do anything worthy. Use the SEX scenes wisely. Rather than just writing […]


Screenwriting (Theme) – Part 5

Sometimes the writers get stuck; sort of writer’s block, to come up with an exciting idea for a story. Basically, it’s not such a complicated feat to pen down a good story. Ask yourself the following questions, if you ever find yourself not motivated enough to write a good screenplay: What are you most passionately […]


Screenwriting (The Plot) – Part 4

After having the basic understanding of the plot structure and the basic elements, be assured that you can start your start from anywhere. The simple litmus test for a story is to check the following questions – provided you have an idea or a character or a beginning or an end. Who would consider the […]


Screenwriting (characterization) – Part 3

It has been seen in many flop movies that they do not work out due to lack of characterization. Many writers fall the victim of a notion that the main character is important and he/she must be portrayed in detail. Well, it is wrong. Every character in the script needs attention, moreover, every character needs […]


Screenwriting (structure of story) – Part 2

Screenwriting is like writing at the heart of it. It just needs some discipline. As a screenwriter follow your heart yet having an instinct to know what the audience wants. Of course, passion and intellect are a driving force behind any piece of writing but knowledge and feeling help you to bring the piece to […]


Screenwriting – Part 1

How to Tell a Story? How to tell a story? Apparently, a simple question but in reality, it is pretty complicated. It is not just about reading a lot and then scribbling words on paper. No. not that simple. Some people are naturally inclined to write a detailed description with extremely heavy words and actually […]


Some “Rules” for Writing Fiction

Following are some rules for writing fiction as proposed by Elmore Leonard. After getting repeatedly rejected she succeeded in winning Man Booker Prize and that too twice. So, here is the list. Do make the best out of this advice: If you believe in your skill, if you believe you have what it takes to […]


Some Tried & Tested Ways to Start a Novel

Many writers and especially the successful ones have their own tested and tried ways that they repeatedly employ to write novels. Here I will share some techniques used by Max Barry – an Australian novelist – to write a novel. He believes that every writer is different. Everyone has to find their own personal routines […]

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