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Shema Bukhari

By profession, Shema Bukhari is a professor teaching Media Studies; with almost a 20 years of teaching experience. Being an academician, she has a clear understanding of the problems, needs and requirements of different age groups. She proudly boasts about her huge number of loving students from every age group. This constant interaction with youth, fresh ideas, and innovative creators has always motivated her to excel in her endeavours.

She started writing at a very young age but like most of the writers, she was never confident about her writing style or if it can ever be accepted by the world. The career in teaching has evolved her. Although her first book “Word Choices” is a self-help book but she has written many short stories and, working on few projects simultaneously. As Muriel Rukeyser said, “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms,” her stories are also unfolding for her friends and followers.

An avid reader is never bored or short of interesting. For him/her world is at the doorstep. Shema Bukhari is gifted with a restless mind which is an endless universe.

“I don’t write because I want to show off. I write because there are lies in my life and everything around me. I am simply compelled to write what is not told (at least for some).” – Shema

Another feature that fuels her passions is travelling. Exploring the unknown has always inflicted a sense of adventure rather than fear. She is well aware that in every other dark nook and corner, there is lurking a new story to be told to the world.

An avid reader is never bored or short of interesting. Shema Bukhari is gifted with a restless mind which is an endless universe, exploding with stars, annihilation of black holes, discoveries of new avenues, all through the books. So, you will be reading various Book Reviews, news and information about the literary world.

Her research papers have been published in various reputable international journals.

Shema is a member of various writing groups, including ONEHe, The Next Big Writer, Underlined, Critters Medium, Critique Circle and the others.

This site ShemaBukhari features regular writing contests, blogs about writing skills in particular and communication skills in general, publication chances and, much more.

On this site, Shema’s work is showcased in the form of books and blogs. She is always ready to help and guide aspiring writers. Feel free to contact for her writing courses.


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