The most important thing for a writer is to plan his screenwriting schedule. It is advised to plan your time so that you move towards your goals at least an inch every week. These small efforts of every day, enables you to have a greater achievement at the end of a year or 6 months even.

All you have to do is to spare 30 minutes every day and follow the routine enlisted below.

  1. Start using index/flash cards. Details three scenes on three of these cards.
  2. Record thirty minutes of dialogue onto a recorder or the other way around. Transcribe the recorded dialogue.
  3. Watch a film for 30 minutes. Pull apart the dialogues or plot of those 30 minutes.
  4. Brainstorm all the possible problems of your storyline in your notebook.
  5. Discuss with your friend.
  6. Re-read your previous work and take notes.
  7. Run the scenes in your mind and rearrange the sequence of the scenes.
  8. Make a group of friends who are writers/readers. Use the opportunity to pitch your ideas now and then.
  9. Use a board to make mind maps.

In short, you need to learn to make the maximum use of your time. It is imperative to have daily, monthly and yearly goals. Prioritize all the activities into groups (Group A: urgent and important; Group B: Less urgent and so on). Continually ask yourself the question; “What is the best use of my time, at the moment?”

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