Photo Credit: Salman Alam Khan

Sometimes I like to pull myself inside of my head and run to all the unknown places.

Every turn, bend and way leads to a new destination from past and present.

Explore every thought, every feeling.

I hold my tongue and do not speak. Can words do justice to what is going on in my head?

I find myself laying on the floor staring at the white ceiling, with my headphones on full blast.

Listening to songs – some are slow and some are rapid –  and smiling at the memories that unravel before me

Each word of every song, every line that transcribes the waves of music

Carries me to a memory search engine on random search.

I let go of the steering wheel and follow.

The random explosions of emotional stimuli are overwhelming.

Raising and lowering my heart beat.

My blood, like my emotions pulsate in every iota of my being.

Like a car stuck in idle and its rpms going past the red mark.

Content Credit: Mario Perez

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