I made a far journey
Earth’s fair cities to view,
but like to love’s city
City none I knew

At the first I knew not
That city’s worth,
And turned in my folly
A wanderer on earth.

From so sweet a country
I must needs pass,
And like to cattle
Grazed on every grass.

As Moses’ people
I would liefer eat
Garlic, than manna
And celestial meat.

What voice in this world
to my ear has come
Save the voice of love
Was a tapped drum.

Yet for that drum-tap
From the world of All
Into this perishing
Land I did fall.

That world a lone spirit
Like a snake I crept
Without foot or wing.

The wine that was laughter
And grace to sip
Like a rose I tasted
Without throat or lip.

‘Spirit, go a journey,’
Love’s voice said:
‘Lo, a home of travail
I have made.’

Much, much I cried:
‘I will not go’;
Yea, and rent my raiment
And made great woe.

Even as now I shrink
To be gone from here,
Even so thence
To part I did fear.

‘Spirit, go thy way,’
Love called again,
‘And I shall be ever nigh thee
As they neck’s vein.’

Much did love enchant me
And made much guile;
Love’s guile and enchantment
Capture me the while.

In ignorance and folly
When my wings I spread,
From palace unto prison
I was swiftly sped.

Now I would tell
How thither thou mayst come;
But ah, my pen is broke
And I am dumb.

The power of LOVE is such that it can conquer and subjugate the mighty humans like Rumi. It is all the matter of opening your heart and soul to let in the light of LOVE.

In our lives we look for Love in the guise of Lust; in the one-night-stands; in the physical communions; in the bars; in the dark corners of the bedrooms; behind the screens. In short, we search for Love everywhere but inside our hearts. Or as Rumi said; we travel the world in search of Love. But only a few lucky ones are able to reach that sacred destination.

How many of us have experience restlessness and anxiety? How many of us have The Shoulder to lean on but the end of the day sees us a depressed soul. Why is it so? How many of us have actually tried to understand the causes of this restlessness?

No, I am not going to preach to enter through the gates of religion. But for a minute, stop and think. THINK. How much time do you have to your own self? How much time do you spend every day to give yourself a break from the machines? How many times in a day do you put in some effort to pick up a book? How many seconds in a day do you try to understand spiritualism?

Again I am not preaching but have you noticed the intensity of LOVE in the above poem of Rumi?

Do you try to understand the meaning of LOVE?

Love is as transient as a four lettered word written on the sand yet it can be the permanently engraved word on the soul. Choice is yours. Choose transience or permanence.

Let’s start an experiment. You don’t need any props or any outside help. You just have to practice and find ways to elevate yourself from the physicality of LOVE. No, it is not any meditation or yoga practice. But you must find some alone time. Stand in front of the mirror. Look into your eyes. Let your gaze fall onto your soul. Ask yourself the value of lust or wine or sex. Take a stock all the worldly desires you have and evaluate their values. No, do not become a hermit. But it is totally within you to assess your desires.

Daily practice of few minutes of questions will trigger the chain process. It will help you to understand the true meaning of existence and desires. Once you develop that understanding, you are ready to enter the city of LOVE.

Like Rumi, once you enter the doors of this sacred city, you are bound to lose the mundane existence. You will find yourself at a much higher level of realization and acceptance. You will forget who you are. You will be in Love with existence. You will be in Love with Love that is Selflessness.

The above rant might have become a bit redundant but just once for the sake of experiment try to seek yourself and trust me you will find True Love. The DESCENT into the city of Love is necessary to ASCEND to some amazing levels of spirituality.

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