Gone are the days when people from around the world used to come to the Fatherland to get higher and professional education.

Gone are the days when the universities of the Fatherland were among the World Rankings.

Gone are the days when citizens of the Fatherland were respected for their worth.

Welcome to the days where not a single university is in the world ranking.

Welcome to the days where a mere sight of a green passport can put you under a screen.

Welcome to the days where the super-talented individuals have left the land and “geniuses” have filled their spaces.

Welcome to the days where “Richness” is respected than the “knowledge of teachers.”

Not a pleasant picture. Right?

Who is to blame?

As there has been a popular belief that the system is corrupt. But who makes the system?

The government is corrupt. but who elects them?

Considering all the facts, conditions and circumstances prevalent in the Fatherland; the only field which has actually resulted in corruption was the deterioration of education system.

Small private schools, colleges, and universities have erupted at every road corner giving the so-called best education. Ironically, most of these institutes are run by businessmen who are only interested in their personal profits. If few of them, actually put in some effort to provide and incorporate some sort of quality in their system, then the fee structure rises to monumental heights. The fancy names with the equally fancy curriculum are the name of the game.

Why are such pseudo educational cradles allowed to function and operate?

The answer is simple. People of the fatherland have realised that the only way of salvation is through education. So they go to any length, any institute to alleviate their miserable living conditions. this has been used as a trump card by educational business owners. They have become experts in manipulating rich and poor equally. The same business tycoons have branches for rich and poor. For poor families, the pressure lies in working day and night until they become robots. For rich families, the pressure lies in the psychological stress of getting exceptional grades and admission in equally exceptional colleges and universities.

Once the education life starts in a college and university, the families and students have to face a new dilemma. Scholarships are usually awarded to the friends and acquaintances and the majority is left to deal with the expenses on their own.

The educators and academicians function at another level of corruption. Most of them are not even qualified to teach at all. Even if some of them somehow produce some qualification then they prefer not to teach in the class. They have their private centers to endow the educational bliss to those thirsty kids. Then there is another breed of educationists who are getting an extremely handsome salary based on God-knows-what-criteria. Such individuals are so insecure about themselves that they cannot let a competent person enter their system at all. One of a very reputable university in Punjab has a department without a dean for years now. That place cannot be filled because of internal politics. Yet again, the “highly competent” educationists are teaching so valuable lessons in the classes that breed after a breed of such students is produced who are totally unaware of the concept of Research. They open Google, copy, paste, and paraphrase. Viola! And a genius with high grades is produced. Same educators are given training workshops on the concept of plagiarism.

Sweetly enough the advisors for the PhD scholars stoop to various levels just to show their authority. These scholars are not given proper guidance. They are not allowed to choose the topic for their thesis for months and years. And then the thesis cannot be completed for few more years. You know! Who wants a competition when you are occupying a cozy place with very cosy job perks.

Again, I will repeat the same rant. If a real competent individual wants to come back to the Fatherland and work to improve the current pathetic condition, then he/she will always be rendered useless.

Bless the Fatherland and let the Fat, Lazy Lions enjoy their lives while the dumb Sheep keep on presenting them with gifts from their blood and sweat.

Bless my Fatherland!!!

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