Why are you sad my little heart?

when you have two eyes to see the magnificent mountains,

When you have the soothingly glee waves of sea,

When you have enchanting shadow-play of trees,

when you have the mesmerising tingling of wind on your skin,

When you have the cool wetness of the beach sand under your aching body,

When you have the whole universe at your beck and call – to take away your weariness;

Why are you sad my little heart?

“It’s not the sadness!

It’s the pain of missing Someone.

It’s the pain of missing that shoulder.

It’s the pain of feeling incomplete.

It’s the pain of missing out the worldly joys.

It’s the pain of monotonous routine.

It’s the pain of responsibilities.

It’s the pain of competition.

It’s the desire of achieving more and more but what?

It’s the pain of not seeing what lies ahead.

It’s the pain of physical suffering.

It’s the pain of sleep.

It’s the pain survival amid nonsense and stupidity.

It’s not sadness.

It’s just the immense pain and hurt,

That lunges at my soul,

That has settled at the deep recesses of my very existence.”

Don’t be in so much pain my little heart.

Have comfort in a thought that:

‘This too shall pass.’

‘Life is too short.’

‘Transition is not known to anyone.’

‘Enjoy NOW.’

‘And be prepared to be transported to the next realm.’

‘Embrace the transience of NOW.’

Don’t be sad my little heart.

Don’t be hurtful my little heart.

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