Splurge of Creativity



A flare reaches the skies Leaving a trail of blazing stars and smoke The trees, the forest floor flooded with the glare and haze The smoke gradually disseminates to reveal two heaps of broken stars on the ground. Two fulgors reach up from the two broken heaps, Swirling dizzyingly; the brightest and shiniest fulgors Move […]


Is Writing Scarier than Asking your Crush on a Date?

So you aspire to become a writer but scared of your own skills? Have you picked a pen or open a Word document many times but got distracted by every other thing in the world? And yet again you can’t sleep at night because the thoughts in your mind push you to pick a pen […]



Photo Credit: Salman Alam Khan Sometimes I like to pull myself inside of my head and run to all the unknown places. Every turn, bend and way leads to a new destination from past and present. Explore every thought, every feeling. I hold my tongue and do not speak. Can words do justice to what […]



Why are you sad my little heart? when you have two eyes to see the magnificent mountains, When you have the soothingly glee waves of sea, When you have enchanting shadow-play of trees, when you have the mesmerising tingling of wind on your skin, When you have the cool wetness of the beach sand under […]


Free at Heart & Soul

They took away my eyes when I just started dreaming. But I didn’t stop. They took away my ears when I just started understanding the music. But my soul was fed on the fuel of music.They took away my tongue when I just started uttering my opinion. But my muse kept on rejuvenating with every […]



An undeniable reality of today’s world is that the young generation is much more intelligent and innovative than us – the generation in their 40s or 50s – when it comes to technology.The reason being, the kind of technology that these kids are exposed to, is sometimes incomprehensible for all of us. Who would have […]