A flare reaches the skies

Leaving a trail of blazing stars and smoke

The trees, the forest floor flooded with the glare and haze

The smoke gradually disseminates to reveal two heaps of broken stars on the ground.

Two fulgors reach up from the two broken heaps,

Swirling dizzyingly; the brightest and shiniest fulgors

Move to touch and complete each other.

A flare reaches to heavens once they merge into each other –

Fulgors of kindness; of understanding –

While moving in ecstasy

A complete star beacons the other broken bits.

One after the other, broken & tired fragments of stars

Reach out to each other

To join the ecstatic frolic in the sky.

Lo and behold! The dance of completeness

The euphoria of finishing each other.

The rapturous revelry to have found long-lost puzzles.

The Rhapsody of souls.

Image credits: Muhammad Omair Khan

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