“I can talk for hours. Just scribble down what I say. I am also proficient in chatting. But don’t ask me to write.”

Of course, it sounds familiar to many of us.

Why is writing such a dreadful thought? Why most of us cringe at the idea of writing even a simple application and come up with hundreds of excuses?

Have you ever noticed that mind is full of beautiful ideas? But when it comes to writing you either avoid it or distract yourself with some other activity.

Have your soul ever danced to the lyrics of your favourite song and you have always felt you can perhaps do a better job? But the same hiatus comes your way.

And then that classic reasoning – there are already 100s of writers in the world. Inking the papers day and night. Why do I need to bother when I can always ask someone?

Amid all these excuses, have you ever tried to get to the bottom of the procrastination and avoidance to write? Let’s understand the crux of the issue.

1. Fear of being judged

This fear of being judged has become all the more a serious issue in this online world we live in. we can get instant feedback and normally people become ‘ruthless warriors’ in voicing their opinions. Yes, these feedback can be very disturbing but have you ever thought for a minute that those who are being very critical are not so good in any field?

2. Fear of being incomprehensible

Since you are juggling with many doubts, the one that tops the list is actually expressing yourself effectively. Just imagine reading a piece written by some novice with such far-fetched analogies and extremely beautiful vocabulary. Yes, such pieces add all the more pressure. And you are left with a blank page in front of you. But have you ever thought that they might have been using some software or even a thesaurus (not all are same, of course)? How can you just accept that your writing won’t make sense without even trying?

3. Fear of being rejected

Let’s suppose you have managed to write something. But you are tormenting that your piece will be rejected as it does not have the standards of Paulo Coelho or Hemingway. But how can you forget that E L James got famous by writing 50 Shades of Grey? Not that I am suggesting to write such a crap but whatever has happened to creativity, originality and your own style?

4. Fear of slowing down

Living in the world of shortcuts where we use BRB, SUP, K, GTG to actually communicate with others, it becomes a tedious ordeal to actually make an effort to write something meaningful and substantive. Even if you end up writing full sentences, you might have to face the ridicule of being called too pretentious. But then should you care? Shouldn’t you be opting for decency over a mad rush followed by all and sundry?

So what should be done to overcome the fears? Simple! Take the bull by horns. Some of you might even ask what if we don’t want to overcome this fear. Well, you can stay lazy and dependent on others. BUT, let’s consider the following scenarios as to how writing can help us:

  • It is satisfying. It helps to vent out your stress, anxiety, and Pure catharsis.
  • It makes communication more effective. In your practical life, you are well aware of how to address and handle different people and situations through presentations, emails or even poetry.
  • It makes you look Smart. Imagine the power and luscious feeling of a beautifully written word to capture anyone’s attention. Some will surely hate you for that. 
  • Through the course of your life, you will be asked to express yourself through the written It can be the demand for your job. You cannot be asking your friends or paying the ghost writers to do your work all the time.
  • Most importantly, what goes in your head can only be reproduced effectively by YOU only.

That MONSTER called Writing is not actually a monster. You just need to harness your inner strength and determination to indulge in an experience that is satisfying beyond measures.

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