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How to stay focused?

Many of us face this problem of staying focused. We know that we are writers. We know that we have to write. We know that we have to put all the ideas teeming in our mind, on paper (or computer). But the minute you prepare yourself to write something, your hand doesn’t move. Or more […]


How to Get in the Groove of Writing?

If you are reading this post, it clearly means that your heart tells you to write but you do not know where to start from. You have what it takes to be a writer but you are hesitant due to various reasons. https://shemabukhari.com/that-monster-called-writing/ Guess what? Focus Matters! Routine Helps! Yes, it sounds clichéd, but this really […]


That Monster Called Writing!!!

“I can talk for hours. Just scribble down what I say. I am also proficient in chatting. But don’t ask me to write.” Of course, it sounds familiar to many of us. Why is writing such a dreadful thought? Why most of us cringe at the idea of writing even a simple application and come […]


Is Writing Scarier than Asking your Crush on a Date?

So you aspire to become a writer but scared of your own skills? Have you picked a pen or open a Word document many times but got distracted by every other thing in the world? And yet again you can’t sleep at night because the thoughts in your mind push you to pick a pen […]