Writing Skills


Flat Scenes

You spent days in planning your story in your head. Then there was more time spent on researching and sequencing to make it more authentic. And finally hours and hours of writing and re-writing. Proudly, you sit back and give it one final read. And it hits you like that dark night storm – story […]


Sentence Structure or Sentence Fluency?

The power of words is revealed through well-structured sentences. And well-structured sentences work just like a well-tuned orchestra; resulting in sentence fluency. Imagine a performance by an orchestra. If only one artist miss a beat or play an irrelevant note, what effect does it have on the ears? Or, in my case, what a torturous […]


Unlock the Power of Transitional Words

Have you ever encountered a text that is full of flowery words but you still cannot bring yourself to read it or simply you feel like pulling your hair out of frustration? Most of the times, such a lag in writing occurs due to the inappropriate writing styles. Imagine an official e-mail full of straight […]

How to Choose an Interesting Topic for Article?

Writing has never been an easy job. Look through the history and you will see the names of many legends who were not appreciated much in their lifetime. But now are the times when the world has actually changed at many avenues. Lifestyle, use of technology and end of ‘getting-published-woes’ of the writers. Now you […]


How to stay focused?

Many of us face this problem of staying focused. We know that we are writers. We know that we have to write. We know that we have to put all the ideas teeming in our mind, on paper (or computer). But the minute you prepare yourself to write something, your hand doesn’t move. Or more […]


A Small Dose of Inspiration

“Words are, in my not-so-humble-opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”                                                                         […]


Are Vocabulary Learning Strategies Important in Writing?

There are two types of writers in the world. Those who have such a huge ‘hoarding’ of vocabulary that it becomes impossible to flow with their writing. And those whose vocabulary is so sparse that they are not able to replace “very” with more appropriate words. both types have their own particular vocabulary learning strategies. […]


How to Get in the Groove of Writing?

If you are reading this post, it clearly means that your heart tells you to write but you do not know where to start from. You have what it takes to be a writer but you are hesitant due to various reasons. https://shemabukhari.com/that-monster-called-writing/ Guess what? Focus Matters! Routine Helps! Yes, it sounds clichéd, but this really […]


That Monster Called Writing!!!

“I can talk for hours. Just scribble down what I say. I am also proficient in chatting. But don’t ask me to write.” Of course, it sounds familiar to many of us. Why is writing such a dreadful thought? Why most of us cringe at the idea of writing even a simple application and come […]