Good bye the world!!!

For I take my exit now.

Thank you Mom for all your love and unconditional care with every single breath.

Thank you my brothers for being my strength & weakness; for being my support & weakness.

Thank you my baby for letting me understand the real meaning of love.

Thank you my colleagues for the best & the bitterest lessons.

Thank you my friends for coming and leaving my life.

Thank you all the men for making me hate your lot.

Thank you my best friend for you hated and loved me, you loved & supported me, and you were always there even in the middle of nights.

Thank you my dearest friend for making me understand the meaning of soul mate, you made me believe that distance means nothing when two humans think alike, you made me believe in myself, you made me look forward to eternity.

Thank you my friend – despite the immense distance, you still made me understand the meaning of trust.

Thank you my sweetest little friend for restoring my faith in the existence of gentle and pure souls.

Thank you all the kids for loving & respecting me unconditionally.

Thank you the sweet smelling coffee for making my days bearable.

Thank you the waves for absorbing my pains.

Thank you the wind for caressing away the scars form my being.

Thank you for winding roads for giving me the moments of immense peace.

Thank you the music for elevating my weary spirits.

Thank you for all the travels leaving me with beautiful memories.

Thank you my books for letting me escape and enter the other realms, for letting me feel the pains of humans, for letting me be the part of struggles of convulsing minds, heart & soul, for decorating my world.

Thank you my laptop for holding my world, my dreams and my aspirations.

Thank you my tears for letting out my pains and scars, for letting me fight my demons.

Thank you my demons for constantly reminding me my worth.

Thank you my sleepless nights for letting me connect with myself and indulge in conversations with the Almighty.

Good bye my life, my worldly existence;

For I am exchanging all the hell, struggles and demons,

With eternity where I will be spending my existence with my rules.


    • Noor ul Huda

    • 3 years ago

    Thonk you taking first step…lets see when will you take the second one…Insha Allah soon you will rise and shine…prayers are with you…

      • shema

      • 3 years ago

      would really love and appreciate your constant feedback payan

    • Umar Imam

    • 3 years ago

    I could relate to every word without read it at the first glimpse of the title which started from Good Bye…

      • shema

      • 3 years ago

      shabash meray bachay 🙂

    • Christos Zervas

    • 3 years ago

    So beautiful blended! Appreciation and gratitude, yet hustle and struggle. All in a melted pot!

    • Gneiss guy

    • 3 years ago

    Peace be with you dear friend on your journey.

    • Gneiss Guy

    • 3 years ago

    Peace be with you dear friend.

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