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Good bye the world!!! For I take my exit now. Thank you Mom for all your love and unconditional care with every single breath. Thank you my brothers for being my strength & weakness; for being my support & weakness. Thank you my baby for letting me understand the real meaning of love. Thank you […]


Is Writing Scarier than Asking your Crush on a Date?

So you aspire to become a writer but scared of your own skills? Have you picked a pen or open a Word document many times but got distracted by every other thing in the world? And yet again you can’t sleep at night because the thoughts in your mind push you to pick a pen […]


Scheme of Existence

Some live in glass mansions,And some live in the hearts.Some tread the burning deserts,And some tread on rose petals.Some play with Ferrari models,And some play with wooden carts.Some ride in delicately lavished vehicles,And some drag their weight on their callous two feet.Some decipher books and live in a perpetual fairy tale,And some decipher life to […]