Sense of humour is hard to develop, hard to comprehend, hard to transmit and hard to capture.

So all in all, if you are trying to present your point of view in a light-hearted tome then you are immature. Whereas if you present the same issue with a fully loaded vocabulary and in an extremely dry tone then you are an expert in the field.

In our everyday communication we understand the meanings by interpreting the words and body language of the person in front of us. It’s a simple, straightforward process, we grow up with; but if I explain the entire process with the words like semiotic cues, cognitive details etc. then I am an expert. I might have memorized such terms to impress others.

So what is the aim of being a member of a society?

Be present, be available and be accepted.

To achieve the above three notions, you must be ready to accept the norm. Don’t be a misfit. Don’t question. Be a sheep-le and live happily ever after.

You will be considered a misfit, an alien, even by those who are supposedly ‘experts’ and ‘woke’.

Learn to comply. Earn. Spend. You will be successful.

If you try to use a sense of humour in your daily dealings, just to tome down the tenseness, to lighten the seriousness then you are a clown. Unless, of course, you have ‘power’ to become a ‘clown; whenever and wherever. But you my friend will be just a clown who is not confident enough to express himself with a ‘decent’ terminology.

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