A girl – a story spinner

Always building up scenarios

Always weaving the web of imagination!

One day walking down the street

One handsome guy smiled at her,

On her mind, an image got plastered, and she kept

          searching for that smile, in that street, day in and day out.

She found an interesting book about an astronaut

She devoured every article on, and by, NASA.

Space became her obsession, but she was just a story spinner.

Friendships were cherished by her

For in friends, she found happy moments.

Faking her time and life with them; was what she did in reality.

Sound of clashing waves soothed her soul

Splattering of raindrops against the window was her music.

Silence was her companion; not a handsome guy or NASA or friends.

A girl – a story spinner

A hopeless romantic she was, when alive.

A pleasant memory after her death.

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