Do you remember?

Do you remember who you were before you got ensnared?Do you remember who you were meant to be before the world gave you a manifesto?Do you remember the meaning of your existence?Do you not feel utterly ashamed of running in a rut?How long…?Why don’t these questions stop?Because this is not who you are meant to […]


Scheme of Existence

Some live in glass mansions,And some live in the hearts.Some tread the burning deserts,And some tread on rose petals.Some play with Ferrari models,And some play with wooden carts.Some ride in delicately lavished vehicles,And some drag their weight on their callous two feet.Some decipher books and live in a perpetual fairy tale,And some decipher life to […]



“Hey, do you see those birds?”“Don’t disturb me, please. Let me catch up on my sleep.”“No. Please have a quick look. Just look at the peace, those birds, the sun, the lake…”“Why don’t you understand that we have got these moments after a long time and we need to snatch that sleep. Those bastards can […]

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