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February 29, 2020 By Shema Bukhari

ROOM by Emma Donoghue

I was not expecting what I went through when I picked this book, ‘Room.’ The first page just reminded me of the movie that I unfortunately watched before reading the book. Second page slowed down my pace as I was visualizing the scenes from the movie. But then magic happened. All the subsequent pages hooked me to the words with such a force that no visual aids from the movie re-appeared in my mind. It was simple plain beautifully captivating written words. And I was lost in the book. Every single word, every expression and every word sandwich, made me smile and cry at times.

Emma Donoghue wrote a masterpiece some ten years ago. I am reading it today and the tragedy in the story is still relevant. The narration by a 5 years old child, never gets boring. One can actually see a kid’s mind working through the pages. Critics might have considered the second half as not that effective as the first one but I am sold.

One of the best parts of the book is the word sandwich. Like any other growing, inquisitive boy; Jack kept on combining words and coming up with new derivatives. Like ‘scavy’ because things could be scary but he was determined to stay brave, so he was scavy. Some of his past tense words were, forgetted or brung. And the times when he used remembered instead of reminding; is simple adorable. The clever use of vocabulary by Emma Donoghue clearly shows her deep insights and as a reader we are able to see a realistic picture of a boy who is learning something new every day.

“Emma Donoghue’s writing is superb alchemy, changing innocence into horror and horror into tenderness. Room is a book to read in one sitting. When it’s over you look up: the world looks the same but you are somehow different and that feeling lingers for days.”Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler’s Wife and Her Fearful Symmetry

Just a heads-up for those who are going to read the book: Be patient. Do not hustle through the pages. First few pages might feel difficult or even confusing but this book has the tendency to let you sit with ‘Jack’, walk with him, play with and let you see how he thinks.

I have not written the summary of the story or even mentioned about the plot. I can just say that its a psychological thriller. Read it yourself to discover the beauty of a masterpiece.

It is a story that starts from a Room and ends in a Room.

Highly recommended!!!

ROOM by Emma Donoghue - Book Trailer


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