Splurge of Creativity


The day started like any other day. There was the stress of work. There was pressure from the society. There were demands from my heart. Ignoring all that, I dressed up, put my camera and three of ‘those’ fancy lenses in my bag. And I was ready to hit the road. Without seeing anyone at home, I was out to face the world.

The pain, the misery on the streets; the shattered dreams reflected through eyes, lonely souls wandering in the crowds, hands in search of few morsels and feet moving in the directionless directions are all “shot” by me.

I am a lone warrior, in the war against the injustices in the society. My legendary camera is my only weapon. The day, my eyes will stop seeing what the depth of my soul feels, will be the day when I will lose the battle. I am no Samurai or a noble knight. But I am a real warrior in flesh and blood – part of my society and yet a fighter for them.

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