Love Makes the World Go Round

“Let’s hide behind that tree and freak all of them out.” Polonius shrieked loudly

With a swift movement of his hand, he moved forward and fixed the mask on my face. Both of us hid behind that tree, trying not to breathe and waiting for our ‘victims.’ When we heard the first footsteps we jumped out and produced weirdest possible noises. And yes! Those three kids ran away, screaming loudly; leaving behind all their candies.
After two more such stunts, we got bored and decided that the next would be our last one for the night. Little did I know that the last one would just land me into a world of despair and agony?

We were ready. We were waiting. We heard footsteps. We heard giggling of girls. We jumped out. The girls ran away but one.
Penelope was pinned to the ground, frightened, eyes wide opened.
She was my class fellow in Geography course.

I quickly removed the mask. Knelt down, held her hand, “Look Penelope! It’s me. It’s just me. Abad.”

But she did not budge. I quickly picked her in my arms and ran towards my home, totally forgetting Polonius or candies or our Halloween adventure.
Putting her on the sofa, I tried to give her water. But she was still motionless. I stuck the glass to her lips but there was no response. Now I was freaking out. My mom was not home. Oh, God. What should I do? ‘Penelope please be Ok. I guess I should call your mom.’

That was the moment when she burst out laughing and jumped onto her feet.
“Dear Abad! You think only you can have fun!!!”
And she left the house.

I slumped on the sofa, her laughter ringing in my ears. The music just made me lose my senses. I didn’t know how long I stayed in that spot. All I remember that it was the time when I forget to was the moment when I lost touch with me so-called full-of-fun life with my mates.
My mind was just filled with her thoughts, her face and her laughter.

Next day I tried talking to her in college but she just laughed at me and walked away with her friends. I simply froze in my steps. What was happening to me? Was this love? What sorcery was it?
The hours turned into days and days into weeks. The sole purpose of my life was to follow Penelope. The sound of her name was a life to my soul. I used to stand down her window, for hours, in the evenings, waiting to catch a glimpse of hers.
I was not interested in food, life or people. I just needed Penelope and she was not interested in me.
Due to all these excursions of mine, I fell sick. Nobody understood my illness. My friends used to visit me every day. They tried their best to cheer me. But no effect.
That laughter has taken away my life from me. And now I just lie in my bed, hoping to have one more glimpse of her before I leave this world.

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