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Last week “The Facebook Warriors” (or call them the social media warriors) were seen at their best display of “heroic endevours” in Pakistani environment. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and ‘The Doctor’ were the main characters, whereas the Facebook Warriors display their skills in siding or blatantly abusing the main characters.

We witnessed many strong and fanciful words. Some were totally new for some innocent souls. And many opened the dictionaries to quote the “definitions” in support of their argument. Terms like ‘misogyny, harassment, unethical, unprofessional, code of conduct, maligning the country’s image, privilege, and all the superlative expressions were used excessively.


Every individual (not just the party) justified their version of the incident where the Oscar-winning Sharmeen Obaid tweeted her opinion about harassment

against women. The Warriors went to great lengths to bring the resources to voice their opinion. And if some poor soul (like me) visited a post by some celebrity against or in favour of the incident then that ‘poor soul’ witnessed a field day of war of words – blaming, labelling and accusing each other and the entire human race.



Those who considered the event as ‘harassment’ quoted examples from their own lives. (Well at least people came out with their personal stories). Those who considered the act of Doctor as unethical went to such lengths as to bring the evidence from American Association of Doctors charter; to justify the unethical-ity of the event. But then again, I was wondering that the event was purely Pakistani. What would have the US laws could have done against the doctor.

The real battle was seen in interpreting every single word of every single tweet of Sharmeen. I am not even considering a long list of abuses hurled at her. She was labelled as ‘traitor’ for tarnishing the name of the Fatherland and at the same time appreciated for bringing the real face of ‘male chauvinist, patriarchal’ society of Fatherland.

Another amazing feature form Facebook Warriors was seen in the use of ‘video feature’ of Facebook. We were honoured to watch the videos made by anyone and everyone on Facebook and YouTube. We might not have seen any results but these Warriors got famous and were able to bag more Likes and Shares. (In a way the mission of Consumerism Lords’ was accomplished!)

This War of Words was taken to another level when friends started arguing with each other. Some even limited their  interaction with the other because that other individual was apparently heartless, callous and stupid.

In the end, who won this battle or who lost it was not important. But one thing is for sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that our Fatherland has produced, and developed a generation of single-minded mules. (Pardon my analogy) The Warriors claimed to be enlightened and educated individuals without realsing a simple fact that they are part of a bigger ‘consumer-based society.’

Every single warrior CLAIMED to have known the facts but in reality they were just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Every single warrior CLAIMED to be the champion of human rights. Oh no! Champion of Female Rights. But we still know that young girls are actually being rapped in the palaces of Lords of our Fatherland.

Every single warrior CLAIMED to be sensitive enough to feel the pain of those who are being ‘harassed’, yet in reality, they themselves might have been responsible for harassing another human in varied forms.

Finally, the point of concern is not that we are blessed with these warriors, who are not ready to listen to others’ opinions and who have successfully categorized and compartmentalized different humans into varied labels. If anyone moves out form that box then it’s a reason to start the war. (Corruption might not move them to start a war) According to human rights, every individual is free to voice their opinion. But this freedom does not give the right to be abusive or insensitive towards others. There are always two sides to a story. Think, evaluate before opening the mouth, in our case, tapping the fingers on the keyboard. This Fatherland is in no need of the individuals who successfully fight behind the screens. This land needs practical and rational warriors, not the social media-cowardly-warriors.

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  1. You have written a bold article. I do agree with your thoughts. Facebook has become a battlefront where people, using their judgment, come up with opinions, decisions and verdicts regarding the acts of a person. Facebook warriors, as you have mentioned, try to induce their opinion over their peers over social media. One must not give such verdicts until they know both sides of the story. Yes, Sharmeen Obaid has been under the radar of all such Facebook warriors for her portrayal of a negative Pakistan, but I think people must know the story of the doctor who sent her the friend request and what was the narrative behind sending this request. Until the person of the Facebook Warrior does not know the reality coming from both sides, their opinions remain words and their verdicts remain opinions that are baseless and are infused with their aggression towards the person in question.

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