2018 Bring It On!

I had no plan of writing New Year Resolution. I am the kind of a person who sometimes make plans at the spur of the moment, depending on the circumstances. It does not mean that i don’t plan or execute BUT the idea of new year resolutions puts me off.

But 2018 is going to be different

It will be honoured with my Resolutions and Allah is going to make all the forces to help me to achieve more than that.

Most importantly I have planned to work on one of the most painful parts of my life’s decisions. January will InshaAllah see me repaying a part of that debt. The process will be long but at least I will know that I am taking the right steps. You see sometimes you interact with people who turn out to be totally different from your own expectations. And yet there are individuals who misconstrue the respect given to them. But enough is enough. My life is my life.

  • Those who know me they must have heard me talking about financial issues many times. Well, to be honest, I don’t have financial Issues. God has always been very kind to me. But the same God has filled my soul with the dreams which require a hefty amount of money. I really am not much bothered about the savings for old age. I am not even much bothered by the notion of death. But as long as I am alive there are people dependent on me. I cannot just leave them to suffer. Sooo, I will rigorously work on some projects to have extra resources with infused passion.


  • I have to get regular in my prayers and reading of Quran.


  • This one is a tricky one. If you check my laptop then you will discover that I have 100s of books. That is not just it. There are books on the shelf also. Now to start with, I am going to gift some hard copies to some of my friends. But then the quantity is not the issue. It’s Reading that I have to be vigilant about. Again I am not going to decide on a targeted number of books to be read in the New Year. But I must read.


  • Writing sprees. This has become my nemesis lately. My soul keeps on telling me to write but the job and other duties keep on weighing me down. I have to devise a working plan to keep the ideas flowing. I guess every morning I must dedicate some time. This writing includes my journal-ling also.


  • One research paper after every three months sounds like a good deal.


  • The walk is of utmost importance in my life. Find a will to continue with it. Every weekend or maybe every second weekend I must go for a long walk or hike.


  • I must start making weekly plans for making a meal schedule. This will help to minimize eating out.


  • Starting the year with a first travel plan. But I must plan one more visit by the end of the year.


  • I have to start specified savings. For example, I want to buy a huge mirror for my lounge. But I am not going to buy it at the whim of my desire. I am going to save for it. Same goes for other things that I want to buy some of which are necessary for my soul but some are the simple worldly wants.


In short, these are some highlights that will be happening in my 2018: (I love to make lists and bullets)


  • Finances (figure out a working plan with friends)
  • Reading
  • Travelling


  • Reading
  • Research paper


  • Meal plans
  • Long walk/hikes
  • Projects with friends


  • Writing
  • Reading books
  • Regular prayers/Reading Quran
  • Savings


DO NOT forget to celebrate small personal victories.

7 thoughts on “2018 Bring It On!

  1. Shem, you should be walking each and every day….
    Remember, your health comes very first…
    And i am expecting this year to be full of your publications, not just research papers but books too…
    All i can say is just one word for you, LOVE….

  2. I enjoy reading your blog this is one thing i look forward to doing this year. Aside from Lee Child Jim Butcher, and other various writers but I find fascinating you are on top of the list.

  3. I usually don’t like to write any resolutions, just keep some stuff in the back of my mind but honest to god this makes me want to write them down and Ill get to it today inshallah. The prayers and Quran thing is a must for me and I feel that am not doing my duty properly. Allah has been good to me al Hamdolilah despite my shortcomings. I will work to better myself in this upcoming years and it starts today inshallah with the list. Thank you Dr Shema for the motivation that I needed. Hope we all accomplish our goals and aims with the help of the merciful.

    1. that is the beauty of these resolutions. You make them, you mould them and you keep on improving them. I dont do this new year resolution stuff. But over the last year i have realised that such micro and macro planning keeps you focused and keeps you on your feet.
      Bless you kiddo

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