2017 – All about Gratitude

The Palace and the Hut XXIX
by Kahlil Gibran
Part One

As night fell and the light glittered in the great house, the servants stood at the massive door awaiting the coming of the guests; and upon their velvet garments shown golden buttons.

The magnificent carriages drew into the palace park and the nobles entered, dressed in gorgeous raiment and decorated with jewels.
The instruments filled the air with pleasant melodies while the dignitaries danced to the soothing music.

At midnight the finest and most palatable foods were served on a beautiful table embellished with all kinds of the rarest flowers.
The feasters dined and drank abundantly, until the sequence of the wine began to play its part.
At dawn the throng dispersed boisterously, after spending a long night of intoxication and gluttony which hurried their worn bodies into their deep beds with unnatural sleep.

Part Two

At eventide, a man attired in the dress of heavy work stood before the door of his small house and knocked at the door.
As it opened, he entered and greeted the occupants in a cheerful manner, and then sat between his children who were playing at the fireplace.
In a short time, his wife had the meal prepared and they sat at a wooden table consuming their food.
After eating they gathered around the oil lamp and talked of the day’s events.
When the early night had lapsed, all stood silently and surrendered themselves to the King of Slumber with a song of praise and a prayer of gratitude on their lips.

∗  ∗  ∗


2017 has given me much and I am eternally grateful for every moment. Why do I have to write it down?

Simple. By writing down about the things that make you grateful for all the blessings, actually makes you more humble and keeps you motivated. When you merely think about them then you eventually end up thinking about the negative moments also.

So here goes my Gratitude list of 2017:

  1. The most important event was when I brought my mom to come and live with me. She took some time to get adjusted here. You know the language and culture. But things worked out, it used to make me feel happy that she is at peace. Of course, there were times when she was sad but all in all, it was the best year as I was with her.


  1. Abdullah found me to write for his magazine, ‘The Scribbled Kite’. I did write few pieces for him but then I stopped. The beauty of this scenario was to know a person who was so passionate and dedicated to his ideals. Although he still needs to grow up 🙂


  1. Got introduced to Tooba Alam and Anum Fatima. Tooba is an emotional kid but learning fast and rapidly. But Anum is a patient and wise soul. These two young girls gave so much love and respect in this one year. I will always be grateful to them.


  1. Omar Iftikhar was another such individual who inspired me. Although there were times when I used to think that I can do corrections in his works (just joking 🙂 He is an accomplished and dedicated writer of various genres. It’s always a pleasure to see his work.


  1. Syed Usman Riaz. This guy irritated me few times with his decisions. But what stands him out from the crowd is his ability to persevere, sincerity and dedication despite having a physical drawback. A constant source of inspiration.


  1. Syed Ommer Amer. I have known him for quite a long time but, not at personal level. This year brought us very close and I am thankful to God for this blessing.

7. Imad Amer – I always call him my youngest brother. He had been a constant and eternal support on this island. I am actually             eternally indebted to him. He is such a sweetheart that he agreed to travel with my mom.


  1. Cinoj George. My constant support.


  1. Mario Perez. He turned out to be such an amazing young man, full of energy and ideas. I never knew that I will find a best friend in him.


  1. Brian L Hayes. A fellow writer but such an understanding and gentle soul. He is like that huge listening vacuum where you can dump anything. But unlike vacuum, you get the echoes in return. The kind echoes of wisdom.


  1. Hammad Sheikh. I never realised that this boss of mine will turn into a family.


  1. Salman Alam Khan. Such an amazing human. Such an amazing talent.


  1. This was the year when I was the host of my cousin’s family and my brother’s family. It turned out to be an amazing learning experience and made me realise that I can also do that.


  1. The best thing was the blessing of Meerab Bukhari. I just cannot describe that sweet smile and small arms holding me. She has blessed me at many levels. Most importantly now I know what does true and unconditional love feels like.


  1. At a very personal level, I am grateful to Allah for blessing me such amazing humans. At another personal level, I am yet more grateful to Allah for letting me see the ugly realities behind the beautiful masks.


  1. Financially I kept in struggling. But I guess that is part of growing.


  1. This year I didn’t get the chance to explore any new region of the island. But I had many fun trips with mom. She still has more energy than me 🙂


  1. Of course, I also got the title of Assistant Professor. I am thankful for


  1. I rejected one job offer in Pakistan due to some internal politics. That was another lesson learned that it might be difficult to go back.


  1. Attended my first ever conference in Istanbul where I presented my own paper. Great feeling it was.


  1. I experimented and played with the online jobs. Found Hammad and Faraz. Now I have my own profile website. I am motivated to write more and more regularly. My first short story got published. I have started working on many other writing projects.


  1. All in all, it was a good year. I had immense fun. I learned a lot. I found some amazing humans. The best realization is the fact that God never leaves me alone. And I know I will continue to have this love and support from God.



You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert and the opera, and grace before the play and pantomime, and grace before I open a book, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink.

G. K. Chesterton

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  1. Thank you Ma’am for your kind words <3 Yeah, this year and the events surely brought us closer. I pray that 2018 brings joys and happiness in our lives and help us come closer to our dreams. Amen.

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